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Application of Forbes Marshall SS Case Electric Contact Pressure Gauge EP ...

Brand : Forbes Marshall
Model : EP

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About Forbes Marshall :
Forbes Marshall may be a leader in method potency and energy conservation for method trade, with their seven decades of expertise building steam engineering and management instrumentation solutions. They distinctive complementary strength permits them to style and provide trade specific solutions that specialize in energy conservation and method potency for numerous sectors. Their information, innovative solutions, reliable product and world presence create them a sure partner.

Forbes Marshall Energy Conservation Audits, systems and custom solutions are ready to save energy and fuel prices for his or her customers. They style and manufacture a large vary of advanced technology instrumentation for continuous stack emission watching, road tunnel atmosphere sensing, and plant safety instrumentation that's capable of meeting today’s powerful environmental and legislative demands.
For seventy years, they need partnered method trade in providing solutions in method potency, energy conservation and environmental watching. extremely masterful and dedicated engineers pay considerable time visiting method plants to spot solutions.

Forbes Marshall are listed many times among the highest five “Best Workplaces in India”, and initial within the producing trade by surveys conducted by the nice Place to figure Institute in association with Economic Times.

Product vary :
Steam System, Boilers, Boiler House resolution, compressed gas potency, Distributed system, Emission Monitors & Combustion management Analysers, Flowmeters, Gauges, Leval Instruments, Stations, Steam & Water Analysis System (SWAS), law officer Systems & Special product, Valves, Vibration watching, Water & method Analytics resolution.

Description :
The SE model contact pressure with electrical alarm contacts are suitable for controlling or regulating process sequences. The contact opens and closes electrical circuits in relation to the position of the pointer on the pressure gauge.Our contact pressure gauges with bourdon tube system are used at process pressures of approximately 1kg/cm2 and upwards. The materials used make the gauges suitable for chemically aggressive gases or liquids,although these may not be too viscous or be susceptible to crystallization. The inexpensive tried and tested bourdon tube system coupled with modern modular principle provides a very reliable yet inexpensive contact pressure gauge. Electrical alarm contact are used as magnetic snap-action contacts,especially in harsh industrial conditions. The high contact pressure and the choice of different electrical contact materials enable high currents to be switched reliably. If the electrical switching spaces of the alarm contacts are exceeded or not reached (See DE 12 31), a relay is to be used to provide an appropriated current rating (DE 12 30). Inductive alarm contacts operate without physical contact and thus have no unfavorable effects on the pressure measuring system while having an unlimited service life. A control unit is always needed to operate these contacts. Contact pressure gauges with inductive alarm contact can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres,provided that the appropriate regulations are complied with.

Features & Specifications :
Modular construction system ensures high reliability and,long service life,Chemical resistance due to stainless steel desin,Protection to IP65,Contact Accuracy class 1,6 % of FS standard,Casing, Stainless Steel 304 standard,Stainless Steel Measuring System,Up to four alarm contact possible as option,Suitable for programmable controller

Applications :

Petroleum industries,Thermal / Hydro Power Stations,Hydraulics and Pneumatics,Food Process Industries / Hygienic Applications,Water treatment plants,Iron and Steel Industries,Generla Mechanical Engineering Industries,Rubber Molding / Processing Plants,Chemical process industries,Hydraulic Power packs

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