Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How to Use Smartlight COB Track Light 15W SL853 ??????

Brand : Smartlight
Model : SL 853

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About Smartlight Company :
Smartlight was established around 14 years ago, adhering to constant leading innovative design, best product quality, with rigorous and efficient marketing method. Smartlight professionally specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and has been escorting to create quality and high-end LED lighting products under its brand Smartlight.
Smartlight company insists on the quality policy of “High quality products, competitive prices, the best customer service”

Product Profile :
Smartlight offers trusted market leading products, and enjoys raising standards in terms of energy efficiency, light output, product life engineering and design. Through years of efforts, company has developed greatly in the market of LED lights. With leading technology resources and experienced management team, Smartlight has gathered a group of technical experts in the LED Field. While sticking to technology innovation, the company has introduced in the lighting application of art aesthetics ideas to pursue the beautiful lighting effect and to fully present the colour charm of LED as the light source of the new generation.

Description :
concentrating effect of track light, the beam angle of this light  is not too big, it will make the function of LED track light more fully point. And the LED track light spectrum is pure and rich colors, it will add a lot of glory and effect on the clothes.Moreover, also can install the LED tube or LED downlight for the overall lighting.

Applications : LED track light, generally used in shopping mall store, mainly irradiation on the models, it has the effect of accent lighting

Features :
COB Track Light , Inbuilt Driver ,Bridgelux
Adjustable Color Temperature, Better Illumination Capacity, Comfortable at Low Temperature
Dimmability and Controlability, Durability, Environment Friendly, Long Operating Life, Lower Maintenance and Life-Cycle Costs
Minimal Light Loss, No Detrimental Effect on sensitive goods, No Ultra-violet and infrared radiation, Replacement to ordinary Light Bulb and CFL
Simple Installation Smaller Package Size, Source of Future Lighting

Specifications :
Input Power : 15 W
Color Temperature : 6000 K

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