Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Yaskawa VFD J1000 AC Drive 3.7kW (HD) / 5.5kW (ND)

Brand : Yaskawa
Model : CIMR-JT4A0011BAA

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About Yaskawa  :
Yaskawa Electric has been part of the world market for nearly a century now, and like a good wine it only continues to get better with time. From its inaugural appearance on the scene beginning in 1915 until its current presence, Yaskawa has made great strides forward both as a corporation and within the products they manufacture.

Yaskawa has gone from producing basic three-phase induction motors and low-voltage magnetic contactors nearly 90 years ago, to present day, where new state-of-the-art U1000 Industrial Matrix inverter drive is sweeping the industry because of it’s power quality and energy savings.

Regardless of the advancements that have taken place over time, there is one thing that hasn’t changed and that’s Yaskawa’s commitment to quality. Yaskawa is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products on the market and is willing to stand behind them with guarantees. Its Yaskawa’s continued success and outstanding reputation that is driving Yaskawa to the top and taking customers along for the experience.

Services Offered By Yaskawa :
Factory Automation, Performance Solutions, Factory Automation, Industrial Automation
Industrial Electronics, Motors/Applications, Motors & Controllers.

Product Range :
Industrial AC Drives, HVAC Drives, Machine Controllers, Sigma-7 Servo Products, Sigma-5 Servo Products, Specialty Pump Drives, Elevator Drives, Medium Voltage Drives, AC Motors, Spindle Products, Low Voltage Industrial Control (Bestact), Yaskawa Motoman Robotics.

Product Description :
The V1000 is a world-class compact current vector drive that defines a new world standard. Demands for efficient production and better maintainability are on the rise, spurred by global competition. Yaskawa pays off the promise of being in control with products that make businesses move. The optimum balance of energy input, product output, maintenance risk, and long life is reached with Yaskawa. The V1000 provides a world of power in the palm of your hand!

Features :
Dual microprocessor logic, Digital keypad operator, 5 digits
LED status display, Remote Mount Keypad Capability
RJ-45 Style Digital Operator Connector
7 multifunction digital inputs, 3 multifunction digital outputs
2 programmable open collector outputs
Analog monitor output: 0-10 VDC proportional to output frequency or output current
Approx. 400 parameters & monitors
Digital pulse train input (33 kHz max.)
Cooling fan controlled by drive run/stop

Specifications :
Humidity: to 95% non-condensing
Altitude: to 3300 ft; higher by derating
Service factor: 1.0
Input voltage: -15% to +10% 200 to 240 VAC, 380 to 480 VAC
Input frequency: +/-5%; 50/60 Hz
Rating: 3.7kW (HD) / 5.5kW (ND)
Operating Voltage : 400V

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