Thursday, 18 May 2017

Application of Mitsubishi AC Drive 1HP 240V FR-D720S-042-EC .......

Brand : Mitsubishi
Model : FR-D720S-042-EC

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About Mitsubishi : 
Since Mitsubishi operations began in India in the mid-1950s, Mitsubishi Electric has grown to become one of the most highly regarded companies in this country.

Mitsubishi offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality products for the Indian market, including Air Conditioners, Visual Information Systems, Power Devices, Photovoltaic (solar) Solutions, Power Systems, Transportation Systems and industrial automation machinery.

Common to all of their products and endeavours is MEQ, which stands for 'Mitsubishi Electric Quality.' MEQ promises the best experience in their products, services, partnerships and people. It lies at the very core of their business.
Guided by Mitsubishi corporate statement, 'Changes for the Better,' they take their responsibility as a corporate citizen very seriously. Their products are developed with superior energy efficiency and the environment in mind.
Mitsubishi strive to meet the needs of their customers in India and hope this website serves as a means to achieve this goal.

Head office of Mitsubishi is located at Gurgaon India.

Product Range :
We offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality products for the Asia-Pacific, including air conditioners, visual information systems, home appliances, power devices, photovoltaic (solar) solutions, power systems, elevators and escalators, transportation systems, automotive equipment and industrial automation machinery.

Product Description :
D720 single phase inverter drives suitable for a wide range of drive applications from simple fan and pump loads through to high-torque machine control applications.
The integral LED display and Digital Dial gives the user direct access to all important parameters making setup quick & simple.
The D700 is a compact inverter drive range designed for simple installation and set-up
The range replaces the popular S500 and E500 series of drives and is fully compatible with other
products in the Mitsubishi 'Micro' family including the FX3U PLC and GT1020 operator interfaces .

Sensorless vector control makes it possible to achieve exceptional speed and torque performance
Serial interface (RS485) as standard
Emergency safe stop input compliant to ISO13849-1 (EN954-1) cat. 3
Maximum short-term overload capacity of 200% for 0.5s
Automatic restart after power failures
Direct connection of an external braking resistor possible for improved stopping power

Specifications :
Input Power : 1HP, 0.75kW
Input Voltage : 200-240V AC
Ambient Temperature : -10 to +50°C
Output Curent : 4.2 A
Dimension : 68 (W) X 128 (H) X 162.5mm (D)
Output Voltage : 3-Phase 240V

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