Monday, 3 October 2016

EAPL DC Multifunction Meter SNM-02

Brand : EAPL
Model : SNM-02

Features : 
Micro Controller based 3 Channel DC Energy Meter.
Displays DC parameters V, I, KW, KWh ,MWh& Load on hours of all three channels.
Displays one set old Energy readings and Communication status.
Display Hold / Scroll Facility available.
Programmable Shunt ratios.
Alphanumeric display for Parameter & values
RS-485 serial port with Modbus RTU output.
Wide Input Voltage and Current Range.
Protection from dust and water as per IP-51.
Specifications :
Source Voltage : 24 to 48V DC
Input Voltage : 21V DC to 50V DC
Parameters : V, A, KW, KWh
Dimensions : Overall:96 x 96 x 117mm (W x H x D)
Application : DC rectifier systems, Battery panels, DC distribution solar panels,DC loads,DC motors etc...

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