Monday, 3 October 2016

Autonics Encoder - Incremental 5000RPM

Brand : Autonics
Model : E50S8-1000-3-T-24

About Autonics
Established in 1977, Autonics Corporation is the leading manufacturer and exporter of sensors, controllers, and measuring instruments in Korea. Autonics produce over 6,000 items which are marketed in over 100 countries, satisfying customer needs in various fields of industrial automation.

Autonics goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction with a wide range of products and reliable services. They maintain continuous R&D efforts and strict quality management policies to ensure success. Also, they are deeply concerned about their environment and adhere to global compliance regulations. They will continue their efforts in order to provide advanced and productive automation solutions to their customers and become a trusted partner in the global automation market.

Specifications :
Input Voltage : 24V DC
RPM : 5000
No. of Channels : 3 Channels

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