Thursday, 1 September 2016

Yaskawa VFD A1000 AC Drive 1.5kW (HD) / 2.2kW (ND)

Brand : Yaskawa
Model : CIMR-AD4A0005FMA

L&T A1000 drives with its latest vector control technology is capable of delivering higher order performance to meet customer expectations. A1000, not only
performs but is aesthetically superior and incredibly powerful. A truly reliable product to address future requirements & current needs, only possible from L&T.

Features and Benefits:
10 years performance life design
Uses most advanced drive technology to run induction and synchronous motors 
Capable to drive all three kind of motors
Easy setup with application presets
Loaded with Auto –Tuning features
Dual Rating : Heavy Duty & Normal Duty
Performance : Equipped with performance life monitor that notify the user of part wear and maintenance periods to prevent problems before they  occur.
Inbuilt DC reactor to take care of Harmonics ( Drives > 22kW)
Energy Saving features
Swing PWM function to suppress electromagnetic and audible motor noise
RoHS compliant

Positioning accuracy without use of external sensors

Specifications :
Input Voltage : 415VAC
Current Rating : 1.5kW HD / 2.2kW ND

Application :
Conveyors, Mixers, Machine tools, Cut-to-length, Centrifugal Pumps, Centrifuges, Extruders Packaging Machines, HVAC, Fan, Compressor

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