Friday, 16 September 2016

Mitsubishi AC Drive 7.5HP 400V FR-D740-120-EC

Brand : Mitsubishi
Model : FR-D740-120-EC

D740 Series AC Frequency Inverter for 400V 3 Ph motor in VxF or Vector control to 5A.
Simple to set-up for speed control of a standard three phase AC Induction motor.
Features - Front Mounted Potentiometer, 2 x Analogue Inputs, 5 Digital Inputs, 1 Analogue output, 1 Relay Contact set and 1 digital output.
Programmable from a pc via FR-Configurator software (V30010-E), or from the 10 key hand-held parameter unit (see Linked Products below).
EMC Filters - None. See linked products below for external footprint EMC Filter Module.
The integral LED display and Digital Dial gives the user direct access to all important parameters making setup quick & simple.
The range replaces the popular S500 and E500 series of drives and is fully compatible with other products in the Mitsubishi 'Micro' family including the FX3U PLC and GT1020 operator interfaces .
Sensorless vector control makes it possible to achieve exceptional speed and torque performance. Serial interface (RS485) as standard
Emergency safe stop input compliant to ISO13849-1 (EN954-1) cat. 3
Maximum short-term overload capacity of 200% for 0.5s
Automatic restart after power failures
Direct connection of an external braking resistor possible for improved stopping power.

Specifications :
Input Power : 7.5HP, 5.5kW
Input Voltage : 400-415V AC, 3-Phase
Ambient Temperature : -10 to +50°C
Output Current : 12 A
Dimension : 220 (W) X 150 (H) X 155mm (D)
Output Voltage : 400-415V AC, 3-Phase

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