Saturday, 3 September 2016

L&T Switch Disconnector Fuse FNX125 TPN

Brand : L&T
Model : FNX125-SK95806

Telescopic shaft for the handle
Versatile handle
DIN Rail mounting upto 100A
AC-23A rating for complete range
32A to 800A:TP,TPN,4pole
Clear ON/Off indication
Inbuilt fuse and terminal shrouds
High clearance & creepage distance
Maximum ground clearance

Advantages :
The FNX SDF range provides users with a high level of safety. The complete range confirms to IS12947 standards. It also carries CE marking signifying compliance to stringent European safety norms.
FNX SDF's superior features translate into better safety for the users.
Fuse Shrouds / Terminal Shrouds provide protection against accidental direct contact. Terminal Shrouds protect against phase to phase short circuit through an external conducting path.  

Specifications :
Current Rating : 125A
Size : FR3
Suitable Fuselink Type : HN Size 000/00 (63 to 125Amp)
Rated Insulation Voltage : 1000V
Rated Operation Voltage : 415V
Breaking Capacity : 1000A

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