Monday, 5 September 2016

Indfos Solenoid Valve IMVD-10

Brand : Indfos 
Model : IMVD-10

Description :
Indfos solenoid valves are normally closed type Electro-Magnetic shut-off valves, which on receiving an electric impulse, open to allow flow in the pipe-lines.

Type IMV, IMVD valves are designed for oil, water, town gas, methane, butane & propane. they can be used in connection with oil & gas burners, compressed air systems, low pressure hydraulic systems, liquid & irrigation systems. However these valves are not suitable for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.
Type IMVD-10 (WA) valve is available with water hammer suppressing design to avoid water hammer effect in water lines when line is closed abruptly.

Technical Details :
These valves are available with coils of different AC & DC voltages. The permissible deviations from rated coil voltages are :
Wattage : For AC Coil : 8W
               For DC Coil : 12W
Connection Type : 1/2" BSP
Orifice : 10mm
Input Voltage : 220 or 110VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz, 110V or 72VDC
Ambient Temperature : Temperature-10 - (+90)°C
Body : Brass
Diaphragm : Viton
Pressure Range : 710(50) psi(atm)

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