Friday, 19 August 2016

Selec Temperature Controller PID528

Brand : Selec
Model : PID528

Description :
Selec PID 528 temperature controllers or on/off controller are advanced, 4 digit auto-tuning controllers with up to 2 outputs which are designed for control of temperature or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. The controllers operate from a range of thermocouple or 2/3 wire PT100 (RTD) input sensors. Versions are available with relay, SSR or analogue outputs which can be configured as 1 on/off or PID control and up to 2 alarm outputs, or as 2 on/off or PID controls (heat/cool) output. The temperature controllers are housed in a compact square enclosure which panel mounts, and are auxiliary powered from 85 to 270V AC.

Dual display, 4 digit, 7 segment LED
TC / RTD input
ON-OFF, PID, PID auto tune
Two set points
Control output: Relay or SSR drive

Alarm output: Relay

Specifications :
Input Type : TC / RTD input, 2 setpoints
Input Voltage : 85 to 270V AC/DC (AC 50 or 60Hz)
Output : Auxiliary relay output is for alarm, PID controller 2 output Relay or SSR
Temperature Range : Operating (0 to 50*C), Storage (-20 to 75*C)
Display : 4 + 4 Digits

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