Monday, 22 August 2016

Selec Star Delta Timer 800SD-2

Brand : Selec
Model : 800SD-2

Features :
Reset Time : On interruption of power, Reset time less than 100 ms
Mounting : DIN Rail / Screw Mounting
2 Time Ranges
LED status indicator : Star relay ON, Delta relay ON
DIN Rail / Back Panel mount
Finger safe terminals

The Selec 800SD Star - Delta timer are housed in a compact DIN rail mount to a socket and are powered from a large choice of AC or DC power options. Star - Delta timer Selec 800SD has Time functions for Star - Delta timing etc., are available, adjustable through the calibrated front control knob. These timers offer many different timing functions together with accurate, long-term switching reliability and high current switching contacts. The single or double pole changeover relay output contacts are isolated from the supply voltage.

Specifications :
Range : Run-up time (30/60 sec), Changeover time (50/100 ms)
Input : 110V AC, 230V AC, 415V AC (+-10%)
Output : 1 C/O contact each for star & delta relay
Time Range : Run up time : 30/60 sec
Change over Time : 50/100 ms

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