Monday, 22 August 2016

Lubi Solar Panel 37Watt

Brand : Lubi
Model : LE-37W

About Lubi :
LUBI group is committed in generating growth by meeting customer demand. Such growth is only possible by collaborating different business units within the organization to deliver the globally challenging customer demand. Deliver right products, services and support at ever reducing cost.
Aim of LUBI is to steadily and consistently enlarge our earning base created on our strong track record for more than four decades of Industrial experience.

Features & Specifications :
Type of cell: Multi-Crystalline Si
Front Face: Tempered Glass & Low iron
Encapsulate : Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Frame : Anodized Aluminum
Junction Box : Weather Proof Nylon IP65
Power Range : 5 to 250 Watt
Maximum Power at STC : 37W
Open Circuit Voltage : 21.5V
Short Circuit Current : 2.29A
Solar cells per module : 36 
Bypass Diodes : 2

Applications :
There are many practical applications for the use of solar panels or photovoltaics. It can first be used in agriculture as a power source for irrigation. In health care solar panels can be used to refrigerate medical supplies. It can also be used for infrastructure. PV modules are used in photovoltaic systems and include a large variety of electric devices.
Photovoltaic power stations
Rooftop solar PV systems
Standalone PV systems
Solar hybrid power systems
Concentrated photovoltaics
Solar planes
Solar-pumped lasers
Solar vehicles
Solar panels on spacecrafts and space stations

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