Thursday, 18 August 2016

Indfos Pressure Switch RT-110PB

Brand : Indfos
Model : RT-110PB

Description :
RT Series of Pressure Switches utilize seamless bellows as the sensing element. Simplicity of design and ease of installation has been stressed for reliable use, even in applications where shock and vibrations are present. The sensing element can be used for a variety of process fluids.
For corrosive media, viscous fluids and slurries, RT pressure switches perform well in conjunction with diaphragm type chemical seals. RT Series of Temperature Switches have a vapour filled thermostatic element, which consists of a sensing bulb, capillary tube and a bellows element. The entire element contains a charge which reacts to temperature
variations at the sensing bulb, so that pressure on the bellows increases on rising temperature. 

The bellows movement due to this increase in pressure is utilised to operate the switch.
Available in various ranges to control temperature upto 300°C, with high over emperature limits. RT temperature switches are available with a selection of capillary lengths. The vapour filled system features small bulb sizes making installation easy.

Features :
Wide Adjustable Range
Adjustable on-off differential
In-built sturdy snap action switch
repeatability ±1%
Weatherproof Enclosure

Pressure Range : 0.2 to 3  (atmg)
Adjustable Differential : 0.08 to 0.25 (atmg)
Maximum Test Pressure : 7 (atmg)
Process Connection : 3/8" BSPM

Applications :
pumps, compressors, filters, evaporators, heat exchangers, lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, marine equipment, heating and air conditioning equipment, turbines, generators, circuit breakers etc.

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